Friday, June 15, 2007

Just change the way you think, and you will be a putt guru.

Just change the way you think, and you will be a putt guru. - By: Dr.Team.

Just change your attitude.
All of the successful golfer who are very keen on putting are always believe that they can be the putting expert. On the other hand, many of golfers who are normally fail to develop their putting always believe that they can not develop their skill, only they can remember is about bad putting experience, but never remember about their success putts.
Apart from what I have mentioned above, successful golfers will always enjoy what they do during the putt and strongly believe that they will definitely be able to make it on every single putt they perform, so what I am trying to say is even though, in reality, you may not be able to do the excellent putts like many experts do, but you definitely be able to think like them.

1. Change your attitude
To have positive attitude about your putt is compulsory. You have to think that you can become a putting expert like others do. Be confident with your putting method and what you have done and believe in your sense of success rather than stick too much in correcting the putting principle. Successful golfers always enjoy their putts and they will never worry about putting result. That means, you will never success in putting if you think you will never put the ball into the whole. So try your best to have positive attitude about your putt, and see whether you eventually improvements.

2. Believe that you can make it
You will never success if you “just” putt and pray for luck to push the ball into the whole. Successful golfers are confident in what they think and believe in what they have done and they are highly expects the excellent result of their putts. Once you have decided on what you are going to do, then stick with it even though you have failed from the previous shots.

3. Be concentrate
One the target is the whole in front of you, so you must concentrate to the target as well as the methods that you are going use. I can say that you have to concentrate on everything that relevant to the putt, start from getting to know the green, choose the line for putting, approaching, targeting, take the shot as well as try to use your sense to help you make decision. If you can do this, you are likely to be successful in putting.

4. confident in your sense and feeling
Ben Crenshaw, one of the most renowned pro golf said that “if you want to good at putting, you have to have a very good mood when you are on the green” Good golfer believe in their sense and feeling rather than principle of putting mechanism. They use their feeling and instinct to decide what to be done rather than using “how to” theories.

5. Use your imagination
Putting also requires your ability to use eyes and vision, so imagination is really important in order to study the green’s “look and feel” about in which direction that you are going to play and enable you to consider about the path of the ball. The more you know about the green, the more opportunity to get a success in putting.

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