Friday, June 15, 2007

Prepare to drive! (Tee off)

Prepare to drive! (Tee off) - By: Dr.Team.

I will advise how to prepares to play tee off (drive), which if golf players know the right approach and get proper training as a routine, as a result , this will help you to play tee off shot effectively and also help improve your score.

Step 1. Make sure you pitch the tee correctly by leave the tee top high enough , this could be measured by when you lay the top of the driver on the ground, the top of the ball have to stay higher than the top of the driver. Also, you have to make sure that the ball lay straight to the inner feet foot. As a result of this approach, the direction of the ball and the carry distance greater than putting the ball lower than the driver and hit at lower approach and if golf player can do this approach correctly, the direction of the ball won't deviate and go to the desired target. However, if you are in the situation that you must tee off against the wind, you should pitch the tee lower and adjust the ball position right to the middle between your legs in order to avoid the wind deviate the direction and power of the ball.

Step2. After you finish placing the ball for tee shot you should turn back to stand behind the ball again then look through the ball to see the desired target in order to mark the ball’s drop point. meanwhile, you should also consider the direction of the wind, position of any obstacles and the slope of the fairway etc., then you can approaching to the tee drive.

Step 3. Grip by using only left hand first in order to arrange the proper angel for driver to touch the ball (square or right angel) and in order to arrange the driver to line up with your left arm.

Step 4. Put the driver’s head down behind the ball, to make square angle to the ball pathway, then separate feet and bend down the knees in normal approach. This will help to control the direction of the ball to be straight line. Besides, this approach also help you to estimate how much the distance you should keep far from the ball before driving. don't try to reach to the ball because if you do so, the driver will not be in the right position. You can check whether you are in the right approach is your hip, shoulder have to line up on the same line of the ball’s pathway.

Then use the right hand grip the driver but do not move your body, otherwise, you will lose the right position, as a result, the shot will become slice shot.

The position of the ball before tee off is also important. The driver will first touch the ball a bit when you do up swing positioning the ball at the left foot and this approach will bring the full power of your shot so you can drive the ball as far as you can.
May I remind you that an effective drive shot requires extensive practice and training and this definitely worth your time and patient and you can improve your scores.

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