Monday, July 4, 2011

Car / Vehicle Mount for Verizon Samsung Fascinate Galaxy S

I caught one of them from Verizon's online store forty dollars, it shipped the next day for free ... to the extent that nothing is free when you have already paid a part of the change for her.

The construction is rigid, and very good quality. The cup is large and the windscreen mount very well. The lever that operates the vacuum is equally rigid and effective. 'Socket' phone keeps the phone and, as expected with an OEM product is the perfect size. USB connection lines to perfection, the block at the end slides a bit more to make the connection and disconnection of the phone easier.

You may not use this setup with a case, the setting is too narrow. You can not have both.

I was surprised when I plugged the phone is turned to the screen assembly for the car, it's a trick, but unfortunately useless because it is linked to the application of Bing and Verizon instead of its own Google Apps. But that is not the fault of the mountain, only a fraction of persistent discomfort with the damage they did to Verizon Android.

Why do you stoop? The power connection for the connection is made through a micro USB connector. They do not include a car charger with the phone you need to acquire adequate. Samsung charger has a large coil is really tight and too short to get anywhere, you may want to mount the phone without some stress. It really must find a long and reasonably straight micro USB charger car. To make this setup perfect quality really should have used a more appropriate method for supplying energy or should have included a car charger suitable.

Edited to respond to the comment: Micro USB and auxiliary connectors out of the sliding contact piece that connects to the top of the phone. There is no obstacle behind the connectors when the assembly is fixed on the windshield and in any portrait or landscape. I have not had any problems with the USB connector and have not used the auxiliary, because they have an auxiliary audio input in my car.

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