Friday, October 11, 2013

Army moves rally from the government to Lumpini Park

GROUP calling itself the Army to overthrow the Thaksin regime agreed to move his rally site back to Lumpini Park, although it said it reserved the right to protest outside the Government House. Police and rallies organized struck a deal before the visit to China Premier Li Keqiang.
"The strike leaders decided to vacate the place and the Government relocate to Lumpini Park," rally organizer Iamsuphan Preecha said yesterday.
Preecha said the organizers would decide when to return to the seat of government after the exodus of the Chinese delegation.
The announcement to relocate the rally site came yesterday afternoon after 30 minutes of talks between the organizers and the deputy national police chief General Worapong Chewpreecha.
Rally organizers said the relocation not construed as conceding defeat.
They said they back even enforce Internal Security Act.
A number of protesters voiced disappointment with the decision, saying that it was tantamount to retreating.
They disagreed with the argument that the relocation be found aimed at protecting the country's good image at a time when China's Premier is paying a visit.
Police withdraw riot forces given the way for clean-up and beautification of the Government House.
Protesters continued to congregate near the Lerng area before moving on to Urupong intersection, that belong to one.
Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Pracha Promnog refused to hold talks with the Army to overthrow the Thaksin regime and asked the group leaders.
He said he answered a motion submitted by MPs during a meeting. "I assign the representative of Peacekeeping Centre to talk to the protesters," he said.
He also said that he joined in the talks, he would have broken the law when the law was given to the Peacekeeping Centre.
Pol Maj-General Thawat Boonfueng, the deputy secretary-general to the prime minister for political affairs, said the government had prepared 15 buses to transport protesters to their destination. Meanwhile, the Internal Security Act, which would remain in effect for three Bangkok district until the next Friday.
He would not reveal the other conditions negotiated between the strike leaders and Peacekeeping Centre.

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