Korn urges govt to push for price cuts of necessities

The government should discuss with retailers, wholesalers, and convenience store entrepreneurs on reducing product prices to raise the buying power of the government’s cash handouts, former finance minister Korn Chatikavanij said.

Korn posted on his Facebook page on Wednesday (April 8): “People are asking why has the government extended the cash handout measure from three to six months instead of increasing the number of recipients from 9 million to 18 million people,” he said.

“Today is the first day that the first batch of cash handouts will be delivered to people, while they have to plan the expenditure of the family for the whole month.”

He explained that the government’s move to increase the stimulus measure to Bt600 billion, means the government is injecting a large amount of money for people to spend in stores — which are retailers, wholesalers, and convenience stores — that are still open during the crisis.

“Therfore, I would like to advise the government to discuss with these entrepreneurs to reduce product prices to raise the value of the cash handouts, especially essential goods,” he said.

“During this situation when all businesses are in trouble, one thing that will help the country overcome this crisis is kindness to help and support each other, which is unique to Thai people.”

He believes that most entrepreneurs are ready to help people who are facing difficulties and it will benefit the people.

“If the government does not issue measures to reduce product prices, most people who cannot generate income might be unable to survive until the outbreak ends,” he added.