Hotels association appeals to PM to help tackle sector woes


Thai Hotels Association (THA) has urged Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha to come up with stimulus measures for the ailing industry. 

The THA held a meeting held last week, together with other ministry executives, THA adviser Surapong Techaruvichit informed. 

The association has suggested that local governments hold meetings in hotels, in order to generate business for hotels in Thailand. The THA has urged the government to allocate a budget to provincial and subdistrict administrative organisations tol hold such meetings. 

The association also wanted the government to tackle hotels operating without licences. The operators must be arrested under the hotel and building control acts, and should be fined up to Bt20,000 to Bt200,000, he said. 

“To advertise hotels online, it should be made mandatory to fill an entrepreneur number to filter those with licences from non-licensed ones” he added. 

The government also should offer tax incentives to support hotel development or public health renovation, in order to increase hotels’ capacity to deal with Covid-19. 

The association also called for a suspension of land and construction tax payments for the period when hotels have been closed.